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Support the mission of Crimson Exotics Reptile Rescue.

Your tax-deductible donation helps reptiles and amphibians find great homes across the United States.

Because of your support, Crimson Exotics has been able to take in reptiles from more than a dozen states and has found homes for reptiles in nearly twenty. Please donate today to help us help reptiles.

Holmes the Leopard Gecko

What does your donation do?


Help us purchase supplies.

Running a reptile rescue entails a lot of supplies. Your donation helps us get the necessary supplies to continue operating.


Help us take in an animal in need from across the US.

Many people across the United States need to rehome a reptile or amphibian but can't afford to do so. Your donation helps an animal get to one of our fosters so that it can find a forever home.


Help us pay for vet bills.

When a reptile comes to Crimson Exotics, it is possible that it will need to see a veterinarian. Your donation helps a reptile or amphibian receive the veterinary care needed to be healthy again.

Make a donation or monthly pledge.

You can donate once or join us on Patreon with a monthly pledge to receive special perks!

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