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Welcome to Crimson Exotics. We're the United States' first foster-based reptile rescue group with Kansas, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Washington locations. Crimson Exotics was founded in 2019. Since then, we've helped over 30 animals in nearly half of the lower 48 United States find adoptive homes. Crimson Exotics is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible under IRC Section 170.

We take in reptiles and amphibians that need new homes from across the United States. Animals are cared for by a Crimson Exotics foster until they're ready to be adopted. Once an animal is ready, we accept and review adoption applications until we find the perfect person to adopt them. We work with a reptile shipping partner to safely transport animals to our fosters and adopters using FedEx's Priority Overnight service. This unique strategy allows Crimson Exotics to help people rehome and adopt reptiles and amphibians in locations where there are limited options locally.


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How We Ship:


Crimson Exotics can ship live reptiles and amphibians anywhere in the continental United States. We use FedEx Priority Overnight with the help of a FedEx reptile shipping partner.

Shipping FAQ:

How are reptiles shipped?

Reptiles are shipped priority overnight with FedEx, through an authorized reptile shipping partner. We use specially-designed boxes to ensure animals are very safe. Crimson Exotics' shipping procedures exceed the industry standards because we are focused above all on the safety of the animals in our care. Our shipments follow all Lacey Act and IATA guidelines.​


Is it safe?

Reptile shipping is safe. We use a strict set of guidelines and monitor the temperature (and shipment location) constantly to ensure that your new family member stays safe in transport!


How much does reptile shipping cost?

Reptile shipping varies based on your location and the size of the animal. Crimson Exotics​ receives a major discount for being a rescue.

For the average leopard gecko or crested gecko, shipping is between $40 and $60. Larger animals are slightly more expensive to ship.

Where will my animal be shipped?

That's up to you! Reptiles can be shipped to your home or held for pickup at a FedEx location. If you choose your home, your animal will be delivered to your door. If you select a FedEx location, you will be able to pick up your animal at your local FedEx Ship Center. Animals held for pickup are usually available at the FedEx office by 9:00 am.


How long is my animal in transit?

We use priority overnight shipping. Your animal is dropped off at FedEx in the evening and arrives the next morning! In most places, animals arrive before 12:00 pm.


Do you have any other shipping questions? Please contact us!

Thank you to our shipping partner, Ship Your Reptiles, for your support.