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Reptile Shipping Information:

Crimson Exotics Reptile Rescue can ship live reptiles and amphibians anywhere in the continental United States (and certain places in Alaska; please inquire for details). We use FedEx Priority Overnight with the help of a FedEx reptile shipping partner.

Shipping FAQ:

How are reptiles shipped?

Reptiles are shipped priority overnight with FedEx through an authorized reptile shipping partner. Animals arrive the day after they are shipped. We use industry-leading boxes and supplies to ensure animals are safe. Crimson Exotics' shipping procedures exceed the industry standards because we are focused, above all, on the safety of the animals in our care. Our shipments comply with all Lacey Act and IATA guidelines.​


Is it safe?

Reptile shipping is safe. We follow strict protocols and monitor the weather (at the origin, destination, and 'layovers') to ensure your new animal is safe in transport! Crimson Exotics Reptile Rescue has safely facilitated dozens of live reptile and amphibian shipments. Our knowledge and experience help us ensure that your new reptile arrives safely to you.


How much does reptile shipping cost?

Reptile shipping costs vary based on your location and the animal's size. Crimson Exotics​ receives a significant discount for being a rescue, which we pass on to you. For the average leopard gecko or bearded dragon, shipping may cost $40-60. (Sometimes, short-distance shipments are as low as $25.) Please contact us if you'd like a more specific estimate.

Where will my animal be shipped?

Your animal can be held for pickup at a FedEx Ship Center or delivered to your home. Crimson Exotics recommends picking up your new reptile at a FedEx Ship Center if one is near you. Holding an animal for pickup reduces the chance of a delay and shortens your animal's time in transit. (Animals held for pickup are available by 9:00 am, but animals delivered to your home may not arrive until the afternoon.) Click here to find your nearest FedEx Ship Center that accepts live reptiles. If you choose shipment to your home, FedEx Express will deliver your new reptile to your door.

When will my animal be shipped?

Once your adoption application is approved, we will work with your schedule to select a date for your new reptile to be shipped.


How long is my animal in transit?

Not long! We use priority overnight shipping. Your animal is dropped off at FedEx in the evening and arrives the following day.


Do you have any other shipping questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch.

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