Rehome an Animal

Sometimes, you need to rehome a pet. If that's your situation, we're here to help. Please fill out the rehoming application below, and we'll be in touch soon.

Rehoming FAQ:

Q: What species does Crimson Exotics accept?

A: Crimson Exotics accepts most reptiles and amphibians. We do not accept "dangerous" reptiles such as venomous snakes. (We do accept snakes such as hognoses which are considered "rear-fanged" venomous.) Additionally, we do not accept animals that are overly difficult to find homes for, as this prevents us from helping more animals. All requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Q: How will my animal get to Crimson Exotics?

A: Your animal can get to Crimson Exotics using two methods. First, we will check your location. If you are near a foster home, you will meet them to rehome the animal. If you are not near a foster home, we will arrange shipment. (Click here to learn more about reptile shipping.)

Q: Does it cost to rehome an animal to Crimson Exotics?

A: In most cases, we do not charge for local rehoming. If you live far enough from a foster that shipping is necessary, we ask that you pay to ship. (If you are unable to pay for shipping, please apply anyway. We will try to help.)

Q: How will I know when my pet finds an adoptive home?

A: When an animal goes to an adoptive home, we always make a celebratory post on social media. If you specifically request (and the adoptive home agrees), we can put you in touch for updates.