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Rehome an Animal

Sometimes, you need to rehome a pet. If that's your situation, we're here to help. Please fill out the rehoming application below, and we'll be in touch soon.

Rehoming FAQ:

Q: What species does Crimson Exotics accept?

A: Crimson Exotics accepts most reptiles and amphibians. We do not accept "dangerous" reptiles such as venomous snakes. (We accept some snakes considered "rear-fanged venomous," like hognoses.) We do not accept species that are illegal to possess. We generally cannot accept aquatic turtles or large reptiles like green iguanas and Burmese pythons. However, all requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Q: How will my animal get to the Crimson Exotics foster home?

A: Your animal can get to Crimson Exotics using two methods. If you are near a foster home, you will meet them to rehome the animal. If you are not near a foster home, we will arrange shipment. (Click here to learn more about reptile shipping.)

Q: Does it cost to rehome an animal to Crimson Exotics?

A: In most cases, we do not charge for local rehoming. If you live far enough from a foster that shipping is necessary, we ask that you cover the shipping costs. (If you cannot pay for shipping, don't be discouraged from applying. Funding assistance may be available; please note that you may require funding assistance in your application.)

Q: How will I know when my pet finds an adoptive home?

A: When an animal goes to an adoptive home, we always make a celebratory post on social media. If you request it (and the adoptive home agrees), we can put you in touch for updates.

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