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Adoption Pending: This animal has found an adopter and will be going to its new home soon. If you'd like to be notified if something falls through or when other animals of this species become available, please click here.

Leopard Gecko

(Eublepharis macularius)

Munch is a female Leopard Gecko who has such a sweet demeanor! Munch arrived at a Crimson foster home in NJ after her original owner passed away. She loves exploring when she comes out of her enclosure and is quite quick for a little gecko! Munch has the sweetest eyes and a beautiful polka-dot-like pattern. She would love a home that would watch closely over her needs and give her extra love this holiday season!

Foster Location: Toms River, NJ Area • Shipping available • Click here to learn about live reptile shipping


Adoption Information for this animal:

  • Munch is a female leopard gecko. Her previous owner tells us that he is three years old.

  • Munch shows signs of metabolic bone disease. With proper care, it will not progress and does not affect her mobility. (What is MBD? Click to learn more.)

  • Due to shedding issues, Munch is missing part of some of her front toes. This does not affect her ability to move around.

  • She also has fat deposits under her front arms, which are not of concern. They should eventually go away with a proper diet.

  • Adoption Fee: $50

  • For leopard geckos, Crimson Exotics suggests the Reptifiles Leopard Gecko Care Guide. Click here to visit Reptifiles.

  • Munch's adopter must have at least a 30-gallon (or equivalent) enclosure.

  • Applications that do not meet these standards cannot be accepted.

  • Any questions? We'd love to talk. Please get in touch!

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