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Adoption Pending

Leopard Gecko

(Eublepharis macularius)

Meet Mango! Mango is an adult female leopard gecko. Mango came to Crimson Exotics from someone who wasn't able to care for her anymore. Now she's being cared for by our Washington foster until she finds a forever home. Mango is an absolute sweetheart. She is a bit shy at first, but she warms up quickly. When she is out of her enclosure, she is very curious. She is beautiful and vibrant, with an adorable speckled face. We know that Mango is going to be an awesome pet for the right person. If that person might be you, please apply to adopt!

Foster: Olympia, WA Area (Shipping available within the lower 48 United States)


Adoption Information for this animal:

  • Mango is an adult female. Her exact age is unknown.

  • Adoption Fee: $50

  • For leopard geckos, Crimson Exotics suggests the Reptifiles Leopard Gecko Care Guide. Click here to visit Reptifiles.

  • Mango's adopter must have at least a 30-gallon (or equivalent) enclosure.

  • Mango seems to be a bit light-sensitive, so her enclosure should have places where she can fully hide from the light.

  • Applications that do not meet these standards cannot be accepted.

  • Any questions? We'd love to talk. Please get in touch!

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