Adoption Pending

Leopard Gecko

(Eublepharis macularius)

Meet Kai! Kai is a female leopard gecko. She was rehomed to Crimson Exotics' Minnesota foster in August 2021 along with another leopard gecko, Eve. Kai has metabolic bone disease because of poor husbandry early in her life. Now, she gets around well, but geckos with MBD require special care. Kai's adopter must know how to care for leopard geckos with metabolic bone disease.

Kai is a very sweet gecko once she settles in. She does a great job eating and shedding, too! We know that for the right person, Kai will be a wonderful pet leopard gecko.

Kai's adoption fee is $50.

If you believe you would be a great fit for Kai, please apply to adopt her!

Adoption Standards for Kai:

  • For leopard geckos, Crimson Exotics suggests the Reptifiles Leopard Gecko Care Guide. Click here to visit Reptifiles.

  • Since Kai has metabolic bone disease, her enclosure does not need to be 40 gallons like the above care guide suggests. In Kai's case, we prioritize useability over enclosure size.

  • Applications that do not meet these standards cannot be accepted.