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Adoption Pending: This animal has found an adopter and will be going to its new home soon. If you'd like to be notified if something falls through or when other animals of this species become available, please click here.

Corn Snake

(Pantherophis guttatus)

Meet Egg! Egg is a subadult male motley-morph corn snake. (We know you're probably wondering—He came with the name, and we loved it so much that we kept it!) He was rehomed to Crimson Exotics by someone who couldn't care for him anymore. Egg is one of the most incredible corn snakes you'll ever meet. He is very calm and does exceptionally well with handling. He eats frozen/thawed mice and never turns down a meal. He's everything you could ask for in a pet snake! We know that Egg will make his adopter very happy. If he sounds like the right fit for you, please apply to adopt him!

Foster Location: Emporia, KS Area • Shipping available • Click here to learn about live reptile shipping


Adoption Information for this animal:

  • Egg will be able to go to his new home on or after November 27th.

  • Egg is a male, motley morph, approximately 2-year-old corn snake.

  • Egg eats frozen-thawed mice.

  • Adoption Fee: $50

  • For corn snakes, Crimson Exotics suggests the Reptifiles Corn Snake Care Guide. Click here to visit Reptifiles.

  • Egg's adopter must have at least a 30-gallon (or equivalent) enclosure and plan to size up as he grows.

  • Applications that do not meet these standards cannot be accepted.

  • Any questions? We'd love to talk. Please get in touch!

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