Thank you for adopting from Crimson Exotics!

Thanks to you, we were able to find a great home for an animal in need. We appreciate that! On this page, you'll find important information that must be read shortly after receiving your new animal, as well as helpful information for later.

Read after receiving your new animal:

  • If you haven't already, let us know that the animal has arrived safely! Text (541) 933-5803‬.

  • In the last 24 hours, your new animal has traveled across the country! It’s normal for them to seem stressed for the next few days. We recommend waiting at least 7 days before handling them to allow them to settle in.

  • We would love to see updates about the animal you adopted! Please send us photos whenever you’d like. If you post them on social media, be sure to tag @crimsonexotics, too.

  • Our team chooses to foster because we love helping reptiles and amphibians. Please help protect our privacy by ensuring that any photos or videos that you share don’t contain any contact info or addresses.

  • Did your animal come in a pre-used box? To reduce costs and our environmental impact, sometimes we are able to reuse shipping boxes. Before doing so, we fully inspect them to ensure they're in perfect shape.

  • Thank you again for choosing to adopt from Crimson Exotics! We greatly appreciate your support, which allows us to help more reptiles and amphibians in need.

"This information used to be printed, why is it online now?"

We used to print a long welcome letter for every animal adopted from Crimson Exotics. Now, our welcome letter is brief, with a link to this more in-depth page. This allows our team to share more information with you while cutting our paper usage in half! It also simplifies the shipment preparation process, allowing us to spend more time helping animals and less time preparing paperwork.


Other post-adoption resources:

Here are some resources for you after you adopt from us. Additionally, we've provided links to review Crimson Exotics. Please share your experience!

Reach out to us with any questions.

It doesn't matter whether it's been 6 days or 6 months since you adopted an animal from us. We are here to help! If any questions arise, please text us at ‪(541) 933-5803‬ or send an email.

Get one month of free bugs from!

Did you adopt an insect-eating reptile or amphibian? As a thank you for adopting from Crimson Exotics, is generously offering you one month's worth of free bugs. Please click the link below and send a message to requesting those bugs.

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Now that you've adopted from Crimson Exotics, you can see why our mission is so important. We would love your support to help more animals. Please visit our "Support" page to learn about the ways in which you can support our work.

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We now have a Facebook group for all things Crimson Exotics. Most of all, we love to see updates on adopted animals. This is a welcoming space to share photos of your animals, ask questions, and more.

Print your adoption certificate!

Do you want a certificate to celebrate adopting an animal from Crimson Exotics? We have a free Canva template that you can use to make your very own! Click the link below, then click "Use Template." Fill in the information, click share, save as a PDF, and print!